How we took angels to new heights

The concept of our angels caught us completely unawares: Everything started with a couple of doodles sketched on a napkin while gathered around the kitchen table sharing a huge bowl of spaghetti and a bottle of wine. Why do angels always have to be portrayed so prim and proper, we speculated, immediately beginning to doodle. Armed with our sketches and high-spirited spunk, the very next day we paid a visit to the Gahlenz woodworking workshops in the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains). Founded by Sylva Sternkopf’s father in 1929, Gahlenz is still like a second home to us today. Fortunately! Because anyone else would surely have run us – and our crazy ideas – right out of town. But not Gundolf Berger, Managing Director. He gave us his attention and time. And told us a 3D model would be helpful. But where would we get one? We assured him that would be a piece of cake. Literally. So we simply baked him one. Out of salt dough.

The rest is history. The angels took on a completely different form than had ever been produced in the Erzgebirge before. Svelte. Shapely. Sensual. Broadcast and print outlets took notice, our angels have flown all around the world. Today there are more than 30 different Sternkopf Angels made from a variety of beautiful types of wood. Quickly capturing a large part of our hearts, the angels also never cease to inspire us to new heights in other areas as well. Like working together with our advertising agency to film a very cool music video featuring our angels as the leading ladies. And our angel magazine “Sternengeflüster” was enough to convince a number of agency clients that a company magazine can indeed be something quite fine.